Bharathi 43grade

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Bharathi 43grade

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Bharathi Cement OPC-43 Grade manufactured with sophisticated German technology and monitored by Robotic Control System.


Bharati Cement – Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 43 Grade is a Premium quality product manufactured from world renowned Narzi limestone. Made using next generation German technology, Bade using next generation German technology, Bharati Cement OPC 43 Grade develops high early strength as well as high ultimate strength. Advantages Superior quality ensures substantial savings in cements consumption Development of very high compressive strength in early stages helps in early de-shuttering Superior resistance to sulphate attack due to less C3A content Low alkali content in cement provides protection against alkali aggregate reaction High fineness results in better workability enduring dense, durable concrete High early strength facilitates speedy construction. Applications Suitable for residential, commercial, industrial structures, bridges and dams, highways, high-rise buildings, runways etc. Pre-stressed concrete Recommended for all types of RCC structures, concrete blocks, electric poles, paver blocks etc PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF BHARATHI CEMENT OPC 43 GRADE Chemical Properties Requirements of ISI22-1989 Bharathi Cements OPS Values Lime saturation factor 0.66-1.02 0.90 Loss on ignition (%) 5 (maximum) 2.00 Sulphur Anhydride SO3 (%) 3 (maximum) 1.80 Magnesia (%) 6 (maximum) 1.10 Insoluble residue (%) 4 (maximum) 1.50 Chloride (%) 0.1 (maximum) 0.002 Physical properties Fineness (m2/kg) 225 (minimum) 320 Soundness (mm) Le-chatlier method 10mm (maximum) 1.0 Autoclave (%) 0.8 (maximum) 0.05 Setting Time Initial (minimum) 30 minutes 160+or-20 Final (maximum) 600 minutes 260+or-20 Compressive Strength (Mpa) 3 days 23 (minimum) 36+or-3 7 days 33 (minimum) 45+or-3 28 days 43 (minimum) 60+or-3 In addition to this, Bharati Cement Corporation Private Limited also produces OPC 53, PPC and PSC

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