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  • Get your Electrical expert today!

    get your electrician


    Lighting repairs and installations in the home or office, commercial, retail or industrial sites require the expertise of an experienced electrician.

    How Your Electrician Can Help

    Your electrician will be able to repair and roll out any sort of lighting installation you require. These may include:

    1. LED lights
    2. Fluorescent lights
    3. Wall lights
    4. Decorative lights
    5. Tube lights
    6. Garden lights
    7. Bathroom lights
    8. Flood lights

    The light installation consultation should include a general conversation regarding your needs and options in regard to light design, and the implementation proposal itself.

    There are many different types of light globes you can install in your building or outdoors. so make sure you do your research or hire a quality electrician who has the expertise to find the wattage and design that suits your need.

    If you decide to attempt to repair or install a light yourself, please keep in mind the hazardous nature of working with electricity, and take caution when you are carrying out the installation. If you don’t have the confidence to carry out the work yourself, or if there are any issues that arise once you have installed the lights, please contact HOMEFIXFORSURE electrician who will be able to assist you.

  • How does pricing work?

    rate card

    Our vision is to maintain constant and fixed pricing for all kinds of home repairs. Inappropriate and fluctuating prices are the major concerns of customers in home repairs industry. We have arrived at a transparent pricing for various kinds of home repairs and developed our rate card. Customers can refer to our rate card to arrive at a general idea on the cost of the particular job. Our customer support will discuss with you regarding any customizations based on your need. The final price shall be calculated only after site inspection and final assessment.

    If you do not find a particular service or pricing on our rate card, feel free to write to us and help us in serving you better.

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