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  • The journey so far....

    2 months since launch and we at HomeFixforsure have accomplished a range of works. Be it a small socket repair at our customer's home, complete inspection, repairs and repainting of entire house on tenant vacation, full-fledged interior works for a commercial space, we have done it all in such a short span. With this confidence in hand, we have launched whole new services for our customers. Right from the smallest repair to the biggest construction project, we now offer all the services needed.

    All these could not have been possible if not for the trust our customers placed on us and the commitment our service professionals showed towards us.

    We would like to end this year with huge thanks to all of them.

  • 8 small garden ideas, tips, and tricks

    Having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that you can’t have a great garden. There are a number of ways that you can turn your small space into a large garden area with little work and in most cases, with little money out of pocket.

    Today, it’s not uncommon for properties to have a narrow piece of land that’s intended for a garden. If you want to make your small garden look less cramped, you can try out these few tricks.

    Be wise with colours

    Plants with warm-coloured flowers (red, brown, yellow, and orange) should be placed near the house or garden entrance, and those with cool-coloured flowers (blue, green, purple, and pink) should be placed further off.

    Warm colours tend to stand out while cool colours blend in. By strategically placing them in your garden, you can trick the eyes into seeing a wide area instead of a confined space.

    Choose the right pavers

    If you’re planning on paving your garden, make sure that you use the same garden pavers throughout the area. This will give the area uniformity and make your garden feel spacious.

    Play with shapes and curves

    Always incorporate circles and curves into your garden design. Squares, rectangles, and straight lines give unwanted rigidity and a feeling of being boxed in.

    Go vertical

    It’s the best thing to do with limited floor area. You can opt for a vertical garden or simply choose tall yet slim trees. Also, try using climbing plants.

    Balance the number of short and tall plants

    When it comes to plants and small gardens, size does matter. Avoid crowding your garden with plants that are close to the ground. Balance everything out by strategically layering tall and short plants.

    Recycle that kiddie pool

    Have a kiddie pool that’s not in use anymore? You just have to fill the pool with soil or compost and then begin adding your plants.  If you want, you could go in and cover the pool with stones or bricks to make it a bit more attractive.

    Hanging Tin Can Garden

    Old tin cans can be recycled for use in your garden area. If you just don’t have the space to have all of the flowers, herbs or veggies that you want to plant, you can simply paint some tin cans and use them as planters. These hang nicely from fences, decks or even the side of your house. You can create an entire garden from the side of a fence using painted tin cans and they are portable so you can move them about as needed.

    Rooftop Gardening

    Even on the smallest rooftop, you can create a little haven that includes lush greenery, flowers and even a small fire pit. Containers are great for rooftop gardening because they are easily moveable. Add a raised garden bed with various heights of plants and flowers and even a small water garden for the ultimate in relaxation. You can plant vegetables, herbs or any other plants in containers and really give yourself a space for relaxation on the rooftop.

  • Renovations and extensions: the real cost

    Most people think about doing renovations and extensions without considering whether the money is worth spending on the project in the long term. Here is what our architects say about cost vs. benefits.

    Don’t let short term benefits of improving the appearance of a property drive your decision; with every renovation and extension there’s a huge risk of overcapitalisation. To avoid this, you should design a home for long term comfort for either yourself, or the next buyer.

    The first rule is to work out a budget, then prioritise your needs and desires and get a realistic assessment of costs.

    Try to work out whether spending the money will be worth it at the end of the day, either in monetary terms or in those intangible aspects of comfort and quality of life.

    It may be that you are better off selling your house and buying another rather than going through the hassle of altering your existing residence. Or, you may also be surprised to discover that the cost of a substantial renovation and extension often exceeds the cost of demolishing the existing house and re-building!

    Assuming you have decided to spend the money and know how much is available to you, seek the advice of an architect on what you may be able to achieve for the price.

    You may not be able to afford exactly what you envisaged so be prepared for alternatives. Get your architect to take you through them. There is always more than one alternative and they all will have their advantages and disadvantages.

    You may be surprised by an alternative which achieves all your goals in an unexpected solution- A solution that not only saves you money but also adds more to the value of the property than the cost of construction.

    There are so many things to consider when completing renovations and extensions. This includes existing structure, climate, orientation, views, materials, site conditions, finishes, furniture layouts, lighting, colour schemes, associated garden design, and services available, practicality of design and aesthetics.

    All of these have a bearing on costs and architects have the necessary training to take this into account and put the ideas on paper. Architects do this sort of work every day and are able to deliver options quickly and objectively – this might save you days of agonising and indecision.

    If the renovation and extension look like part of the original house, or is strong enough to improve the existing character, then it is deemed a success. There is nothing worse than a renovation and extension that detracts from the appearance of the original house. It may be a liability, which actually reduces the value of the house. This problem is particularly prevalent in cheap additions to period houses. An architect will have the training and know-how to design an addition, which is sympathetic to the existing dwelling.

    Don’t forget that architects do much more than design. Consider the value of having someone who not only has designed and drawn your project, but can have it approved through council and deal with all the parties involved including structural engineers, surveyors and builders.

    Having an expert on site representing you at such times is important to ensure that the project gets completed to your satisfaction and to your budget.

    After launching homefixforsure successfully and gaining positive customer feedback in just 2 months of launch, we launched a whole new bunch of services for home construction and repair needs last week. Architects and Project management consultants are one of our key services now. We at homefixforsure have expert architects, interior designers and project management consultants to help you in your step right from beginning till end. So, if you are thinking of renovating your home, you are the right place, let our experts be with you in converting your dream home!

  • Is your home ready for your guests?

    Welcome sign with rose hanging on door

    Ever thought if your home is prepared for guests! I did not. Recently, my Aunt visited me from Hyderabad. Living the busy life I have, I had only planned for her visit the day before. All I did was to change the bedsheets, pillow covers, and blankets and I thought that I am all set. Only when she arrived did I realize the problems I had at home. First, the geyser connected to the guest bathroom was not working and I could not recall the last time we had used it and what would be the reason for it to not work. Second, the Fan regulator was not working and the fan was running in the highest speed possible leaving my Aunt sleepless in a cold room especially since the temperature at Bangalore is always a notch below that of Hyderabad.

    I run a company Homefixforsure providing easy services for all kinds of repairs at homes in Bangalore and I had not thought of the repairs I had back at home. 'Bad, very bad,' I thought. I booked for an electrician immediately mentioning geyser repair and fan regulator repair problems. However, before placing the order I realized that it is high time I get a complete electrical inspection done, so I requested for that too.

    15 minutes of inspection and the electrician identified repairs with switches, lights and a loose connection in the switchboard that was leading to frequent burn out of bulbs. I got all of them fixed and resolved to myself that I would make this general inspection of my home a routine from now on. We care for our health with periodic health check-ups. Likewise, our home, the place we live in too needs periodic inspections to ensure a safe, clean and healthy dwelling place.

    Periodic inspection of the house to identify plumbing, electrical, carpentry repairs, seepage issues, pests and various other problems is important for healthy living. This is more important if you are a tenant. For example, there might be electrical issues or seepage issues in the house which you might not be aware of as you did not construct the house. In such case, it is important that you get an inspection done for the house for a safe and happy living.

  • Outsource - the key to comfortable living


    Do you have enough time in your day? What do you prefer? Spend a nice evening with your spouse and kids or scratch your head in fixing that leaking tap or broken hinge? Are you spending more time working rather than spending time with your family? Is the line between weekend and weekday blurring? If so, now is the time you outsource some work.

    Doing it yourself is good, but there are certain works that eat up your time and need the right experts.


    • You don't know how to repair it
    • Not enough time
    • work is tedious and messy
    • work requires intensive labour
    • repair needs expensive tools and machinery
    • repairs are dangerous
    • have better things to do with your time

    Today, the world observes International Day of Persons with Disabilities aiming to ingrain an understanding of disability issues and gather support for the inclusion, dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.

    United Nations comes up with a theme each year for this cause and the Theme for 2015 is Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities.

    On this day, I would like to remember some inspiring personalities from our country who stood against all odds and succeeded only on the foundation of their abilities. While they fought their disability they fought with the society too and set inspiration to each one of us. My personal favourites topping the list are the inspiring women Sudha Chandran and Arunima Sinha.

    Sudha Chandran accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, Indian film and television actress

    sudha chandran

    Arunima Sinha first female amputee to climb Mount Everest


    Rajinder Singh Rahelu Paralympic powerlifter

    Rajinder Singh Rahelu

    Javed Abidi director of the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People

    Javed Abidi

    Harry Boniface Prabhu quadriplegic wheelchair tennis player

    Harry Boniface Prabhu

    Dr Satendra Singh medical doctor


    H Ramakrishnan CEO of SS Music television channel

    H Ramakrishnan

    Shekar Naik T20 Blind Cricket World Champion


    Girish Sharma Badminton champion

    Girish Sharma Badminton champion

    Ravindra Jain music composer and lyricist

    Ravindra Jain

    The team of salutes these famous personalities who inspire us to fight only focussing on our abilities.

    So friends, while we salute these inspiring personalities our honourable Prime Minister is set to launch Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, a program to serve the differently-able community of the country. The program comes with an index to measure the design of disabled-friendly buildings and human resource policies. Let us wish for an all-inclusive world and a better tomorrow!

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