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  • polka dots for your home

    Who said polka dots are just for dresses? It is true that the spots are not a common choice for large surfaces such as walls. But if you like different and adventurous interior decoration idea you can adopt it and add colour and life to a wall of your choice. The polka dot designs can be dominant or more subtle and sophisticated in their applications. It can generate high colour contrast or small touches of colour. A room in which particularly suited the polka dot designs are the baby and children’s rooms. An alternative solution is easy to use wall stickers with polka dot designs! If you do not want to paint the wall with polka dot patterns, you can select an artwork to put on your wall.
    Pastel colours go well for a living room. Blue different sized polka dots on this white wall complimented with blue and white furnishing add a nice and rich look to this living room. You can also opt for plain walls complimented with dotted curtains, sofas and cushions.


    Polka dots can be used to give your bedroom a complete makeover. You can use polka dots on the wall preferably the one to which bed is backed up against. If you do not want to paint the wall, you can bring in some bedsheets, duvets or curtains with polka dots.

    A room which particularly suits the polka dot designs is the baby or children’s room. You can use variety of pastel colours or go with the colour choice of your child. Apart from using plain pink, blue, and yellow for the walls, one can paint large dots in these colours on white or off-white walls.

    polka big-girl-bedroom polka-dot-kids-room-small
    Using polka dots is not limited to walls. If you do not like the idea of painting your walls with these dots, choose other décor items like curtains, lamp shades, cushions etc. with polka dots.

    polka-dot-kitchen-ware-small polka-dot-study-small

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