• Home is where your heart is...

    Home is where your heart is. Home is the abode you come back to, the place where you find acceptance and peace. We all spend a great deal of effort and time in building that abode of ours. Each and every material that goes into building that home, each and every piece of décor that adds life to that home is chosen with great care and love. At BuildingeKart, we help you being there with you in each and every step of your journey. Be it change of decision, dilemma of choice, or budget constraints we help you out easing your job.

    Happy valentine's day at your home

    The way falling in love brings about such happy feelings buying and constructing your home also leaves you with lifelong happiness. Like in those early stages of love, people are also enthusiastic about designing and maintaining their home perfect but then they get lazy and complacent.

    At first when you built your home, you would not have thought about the years that would bring along faded walls, torn carpets, dusty window grills and curtains and greasy kitchen tiles. However, a day comes when your home loses that spark and becomes dull.

    Today is Valentine’s Day, a day when you rejuvenate the spark in your relationship, why not bring that passion and love back for your home too. Get it done with these simple tips!

    Light up your life. Décor options in lighting have improved a lot in the past few years. Smart lighting will allow you to set different ambiences. Chose lighting options that bring in functional mood or softer and intimate mood based on the work areas and rooms.

    Music is the food of love. Introduce music to enhance romance, consider having a sound system or home theatre installed. There are variety of options available in the market to fit in every budget.

    Clear your kitchen counters. Get back the pantry items, cans spread on the kitchen counter into their places. Cleaning up and organizing your home will definitely bring back the warm and fuzzy feelings.

    Add colours to your life. Be it a fresh coat of paint to the walls, a change of curtains, bedspreads and pillows or with some wall art and décor, a change of colour always brings back new life. Colour is always fun.

    Home is where the heart is, so, show your heart in the way you decorate your home. You can decorate rooms based on the personality and choice of people living in it. You can chose to put pictures of your family and friends or simply display your child’s art and craft.

    While materials do bring elegance and luxury, it is memories and the work of people that counts. Need some help in creating precious memories at your home, please consult our architects and designers, visit our website today!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • How to arrange Living Room Furniture

    The living room is where members of the family come together to watch their favourite television shows, play games, host parties, and spend time enjoying one another’s company. In many homes, the living room is a haven from the frantic pace of daily living.

    While your personal taste, decor and colour scheme are crucial factors for your home’s interior design, furniture placement also plays a vital role. No matter the size of your space, the overall look of your living room can be greatly altered by arranging furniture correctly. So let’s take a look at some ways to arrange furniture in living rooms big and small and make the best use of your space.

    How to Arrange Furniture in Large Living Rooms

    Large living room furnishing layout Large living room furnishing layout

    Large living rooms might seem like the easiest spaces to work with because you have space for all the living room furniture and fixtures you want. However, enormous spaces can seem alienating sometimes thus making furniture arrangement a challenging job, but you can find ways to make a large living room seem much more inviting.

    Segmenting large living room into smaller spaces is a great idea. You might arrange your furniture to create a television viewing zone, a play area for children, and another area for entertaining guests. Arrange backless or low-backed sofas on the borders of your living room areas. These sofas make excellent dividers, since they divide the area without blocking your line of sight.

    If you are a bookworm bring in some book shelves into the living room. You will have to select furniture as per your living room size. A large living room might dwarf a small couch, but you can upgrade to a larger sofa and place another small couch beside it to create the appearance of a larger piece. Place a coffee table between couches or chairs.

    People with large living rooms usually tend to arrange their furniture around the perimeter of the room to maximize their available space. However, this layout can make a large space seem even more intimidating. Instead, bring your chairs and couches to the middle of the room, leaving plenty of walking space around the perimeter, to create an open family living room space. A U-shaped configuration around a focal point, such as a television set or fireplace, encourages people to connect.

    How to Organize Furniture in a Compact Living Room

    living room furnishing layout living room furnishing layout

    If your living room is smaller, as you may find in many apartments, its compact space can get cramped and cluttered. But if you learn how to arrange furniture in a small living room, you can make your room feel spacious.

    Your job starts with selecting the right pieces. Rather than the sizeable pieces you’d select for a large living room, you’ll want less weighty items that reveal more space to the eye. Transparent items, such as glass-topped tables and acrylic glass chairs, can also make a small living room seem more spacious.

    End tables make for a good way to maximize space, and you can boost their height with books or decorative ornaments.

    By filling your small living room with multipurpose furniture, like modular sofas, you can divide and extend the space you have for entertaining. You can also bring in a sofa bed with storage space too.

    Clever furniture placement can also reduce the amount of furniture you’ll need, maximizing space in a living room. For example, if you arrange two small sofas in an L shape, you’ll need only one end table, rather than two separate tables, where they naturally come together.

    If your living room is naturally dark, arrange some lamps to add extra light. Bright spaces seem larger and more open. White lamps can be more effective at creating a brighter appearance than other forms of lighting.

    Once you have your furniture in place, walk around the room as you normally would. Consider how you’ll move around your living room as well as how you’ll enter and exit the room. Are there clear pathways to follow? If you find yourself squeezing past furniture or backtracking as you move through the room, rework your furniture arrangement.

    Set up your living room furniture in whatever way works best for your daily living, and have a backup plan for entertaining. The space you’ve created to make your compact living room feel less cluttered can be used when friends drop by for a visit.

    Create a Multipurpose Living Room

    multipurpose living room multipurpose living room

    Home office is the new trend. Many people want their living rooms to serve as more than just a place to unwind. But a multipurpose living room that does double duty as an office, dining room, crafts room, or study can seem mismatched if you don’t arrange your furniture carefully.

    For multipurpose spaces, segment your living area and create separate zones for each part. Don’t let the items in your home office area encroach into the sitting area, or you’ll have a more difficult time switching from work mode to relax mode. Face your desk and chair toward the wall to help you keep focus and make sure you’re not distracted by your couch and television set.

    Often in many apartments, dining room is an extension of the living room. Put a dining suite in one corner of your room, and use a couch to section off the space and create a smart dining room–living room combination.

    While furniture can effectively segment your space and maintain an open plan feel, you can achieve a more dramatic segmentation by adding curtains. These features will make both zones feel smaller, but you may find you can concentrate more in a newly created home office or craft room.

    For small living rooms, large couches with wide spaces between them can slow the flow of conversation. But when you choose smaller couches and move them close together, you can encourage open communication and shared good times.

    While clear segmentation is important to make a multipurpose living room functional, remember to keep that same feel throughout this shared space. Choose pieces that complement one another, not clash with one another. Even if your living room functions as an office, you shouldn’t settle for office furniture designed for bland cubicle. Arrange pieces that reflect your personality in your workspace; you’ll not only boost your productivity but also make your home office a place you want to work in.

    Keep the three Fs in mind — flow, function, and focal points — to make the most of a living room of any size and purpose. Take your time when you arrange your furniture, remembering that no arrangement is ever permanent. You may need to experiment with several furniture configurations to find the one that speaks to your personality and creates the right atmosphere for both you and the members of your family.

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