• Home is where your heart is...

    Home is where your heart is. Home is the abode you come back to, the place where you find acceptance and peace. We all spend a great deal of effort and time in building that abode of ours. Each and every material that goes into building that home, each and every piece of décor that adds life to that home is chosen with great care and love. At BuildingeKart, we help you being there with you in each and every step of your journey. Be it change of decision, dilemma of choice, or budget constraints we help you out easing your job.

    Happy valentine's day at your home

    The way falling in love brings about such happy feelings buying and constructing your home also leaves you with lifelong happiness. Like in those early stages of love, people are also enthusiastic about designing and maintaining their home perfect but then they get lazy and complacent.

    At first when you built your home, you would not have thought about the years that would bring along faded walls, torn carpets, dusty window grills and curtains and greasy kitchen tiles. However, a day comes when your home loses that spark and becomes dull.

    Today is Valentine’s Day, a day when you rejuvenate the spark in your relationship, why not bring that passion and love back for your home too. Get it done with these simple tips!

    Light up your life. Décor options in lighting have improved a lot in the past few years. Smart lighting will allow you to set different ambiences. Chose lighting options that bring in functional mood or softer and intimate mood based on the work areas and rooms.

    Music is the food of love. Introduce music to enhance romance, consider having a sound system or home theatre installed. There are variety of options available in the market to fit in every budget.

    Clear your kitchen counters. Get back the pantry items, cans spread on the kitchen counter into their places. Cleaning up and organizing your home will definitely bring back the warm and fuzzy feelings.

    Add colours to your life. Be it a fresh coat of paint to the walls, a change of curtains, bedspreads and pillows or with some wall art and décor, a change of colour always brings back new life. Colour is always fun.

    Home is where the heart is, so, show your heart in the way you decorate your home. You can decorate rooms based on the personality and choice of people living in it. You can chose to put pictures of your family and friends or simply display your child’s art and craft.

    While materials do bring elegance and luxury, it is memories and the work of people that counts. Need some help in creating precious memories at your home, please consult our architects and designers, visit our website today!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Vernacular Architecture - a trip to the past


    A recent trip to visit the town Leh of Ladakh reminded me of the importance of vernacular architecture - and how far away we've come from designing with the environment in mind. Many houses and places there stand as charming reminders that good architecture is timeless and functions with the environment.

    People today are however forgetting the importance of Vernacular Architecture and adapting the modern techniques of construction, which is not blending with the local architecture of Ladakh in terms of aesthetics and climate. It is important to recognize how local folks have been able to counter the inclemency of weather through architecture. Making the houses out of mud, building the walls from sun dried bricks, use of mud or wood for flooring, large interior spaces with low ceilings, all these were measures taken to trap the heat and make the houses conducive for living. Windows and roofs were designed from Poplar wood, one of the most common coniferous trees found in this region signifying the usage of local materials.


    Any structure that is aesthetic is invariably talked about however understanding the efficiency of the structure in terms of energy consumption, materials used, and the carbon footprints registered is of equal importance. Vernacular architecture was executed by amateurs where in usage of local materials and participation of local people considering the local climate was given utmost importance.

    Traditional houses had large verandahs acting as a shield from harsh weather conditions. Interior courtyard helped in bringing natural light and ventilation while also addressing functional requirements. Coastal areas often have sloped and tiled roofs ensuring easy run-off of rain water.

    Houses in Rajasthan were made of twigs, mud, clay and stone considering low water level and sparse vegetation.


    In the villages of Assam, houses are built with bamboo. These houses are detailed out to combat the heavy monsoons. The floor of the house is a bamboo weave that allows the water of a flood to flow in, rather than keep it out. This is an important principle of sustainable development.



    A typical Odia house in a village has stone wall and gable roof on a wood or bamboo frame thatched with straw. The Kadi (timber beam) and Baraga (timber rafter) are applied for flat roof construction.

    High salt contents in atmosphere can corrode building materials. Houses in Kerala were built of laterite and timber. Commonality with Southeast Asian culture is more obvious owing to the maritime trade links.


    Globalization has changed the pattern of living and dwellings too. New buildings are being constructed and older buildings are replaced or modified. Houses today are glazed spaces with no provision for ventilation and protection from the sun. This increases the dependency on air-conditioning further adding to carbon footprint.

    To find out a solution for overcoming this adverse situation for the built environment, a proper study of vernacular architecture and indigenous technology is needed. Architects and designers need to revisit traditional modes of construction and design and fuse the same with modern architecture. This shall enable the buildings to breath naturally thus addressing green sentiments that are the need of the hour.


  • Whats trending in the world of colours ??!!


    They lift you up , put you down ….. they whirl you around , they put you on standby !!

    As designers, our shoulders bear the additional responsibility of not only keeping in mind the aesthetics of a space but also the  chemistry between the space and living beings !

    Colour of the space definitely being a parameter of judgement .

    All of us go through our modes of trials and tribulations and in the process  achieved in practice a set of “safe colours “ to experiment with . The mind wants to wander beyond the safe with a tingling excitement of creating something new but there is   always a sense of apprehension when it comes to colours !

    Lets have a look at some of the new age colours taking the world by storm and yet maintaining a sense of stability , harmony  with the added advantage of being “New age “!

    After multiple seasons of Metallics , pastels have made a refreshing appearance earmarking their place in the season trends .Be it Versace or Roche Bobois , a splash of colours dominates their collection .

    Here are a few :

    Teal :

    If a  picture speaks a thousand words , here's a colour that  inspires  a thousand pictures !! A colour that has one reminiscing about gorgeous beaches and the soft translucent waters splashing around them !

    A versatile colour to blend and complement , Teal is indeed a novelty !

    Neo-classical      vs.      Contemporary  / Blends vs tones

    Be it a neo-classical design or a contemporary setting , Teal adds a touch of subdued vibrancy to the space , enhancing the aesthetic sense to a whole new level of brilliancy! Blending with solid tones & woods , complementing with the  brights , Teal provides a whole new package .

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