Whats trending in the world of colours ??!!


They lift you up , put you down ….. they whirl you around , they put you on standby !!

As designers, our shoulders bear the additional responsibility of not only keeping in mind the aesthetics of a space but also the  chemistry between the space and living beings !

Colour of the space definitely being a parameter of judgement .

All of us go through our modes of trials and tribulations and in the process  achieved in practice a set of “safe colours “ to experiment with . The mind wants to wander beyond the safe with a tingling excitement of creating something new but there is   always a sense of apprehension when it comes to colours !

Lets have a look at some of the new age colours taking the world by storm and yet maintaining a sense of stability , harmony  with the added advantage of being “New age “!

After multiple seasons of Metallics , pastels have made a refreshing appearance earmarking their place in the season trends .Be it Versace or Roche Bobois , a splash of colours dominates their collection .

Here are a few :

Teal :

If a  picture speaks a thousand words , here's a colour that  inspires  a thousand pictures !! A colour that has one reminiscing about gorgeous beaches and the soft translucent waters splashing around them !

A versatile colour to blend and complement , Teal is indeed a novelty !

Neo-classical      vs.      Contemporary  / Blends vs tones

Be it a neo-classical design or a contemporary setting , Teal adds a touch of subdued vibrancy to the space , enhancing the aesthetic sense to a whole new level of brilliancy! Blending with solid tones & woods , complementing with the  brights , Teal provides a whole new package .

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Bringing with it a neutral gender tag with it , teal can be used in most spaces of homes be it a living room or a bedroom . To be used as a highlight element   or   to blend in with the existing elements , Teal fits the bill .

Muave :

Like Teal , mauve is “new –age “ only in concept . Having undergone a terrific revival , Mauve is a colour meant to stay . Unlike teal , mauve has soothing undertones to it,  proving to be a worthy option to  a degenerate colour palette  of pinks and peaches .

If Teal evokes verses to be written , Mauve has an understated elegance inspiring couplets and quotes!


Muave too, with  its versatility , undertakes various roles of highlighting and blending depending on its preferred medium , be it as a wall or on a piece of furniture , be it to be a space to downplay or a space to have fun with .



Not to be confused with the dashing purple , mauve weaves  its own fairy tale , proving to be a brilliant alternative to pinks for a li’l girls dream castle ( ergo : room  ).


Warm grey  :

If the  use of colours isn’t ones cup of tea , making a splash this season filling a slot for neutrals is warm grey .Time to move over for the whites and blacks , warm grey is the new black .

Bearing the entire space on its own weight , warm grey is the ideal colour for monotone spaces .



Warm grey holds its bearing mostly in uber contemporary spaces . A definite colour of the season go for it if you are looking at a swish , suave steelage space .

Each one to himself ! Wherever your aesthetic sense takes  you , lets embrace the season of   Colours !!

Cheers to a colourful weekend !!

Lots of love ,


(The author is an architect /interior designer having more than a decade of experience and a keen follower of international trends )


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