Returns and Cancellations

At, we strive to maximise customer satisfaction and do our best to ensure that the supplied material matches customers’ expectations. We try our best to facilitate timely delivery of materials as per the order details. If a buyer is not satisfied with the an order, we are here to help. This is why we allow return of building materials bought under the conditions listed below:


Return of products and materials is accepted from buyers under the below set conditions:

1. The materials delivered are different from the materials ordered. Differences can be in terms of size/dimensions, brand, quality, different type (e.g.: 43 Grade cement vs 53 Grade cement). Note: Issues related to quality have to be confirmed by third party testing. All the costs for third party testing have to be borne by the buyer. Costs include sending samples, testing fee, and report collection)

2. If the packaging of the product is found to be tampered with.

3. If the received products are malfunctioning and/or defective.

Note: Shipping/replacement charges shall be borne by vendor/manufacturer when all/one of the above conditions is met.

In case the seller, does not have replacement product, he shall refund buyer’s payment and buyer is obliged to accept the refund.

Replacements will be done 3-7 days’ time from receipt of good at the vendor / manufacturer facility and soley depends upon the availability of the materials/products.


Returns are NOT accepted if,

1. Material / Product is used and tampered after recieved.

2. Product is not installed according to user manual and results in damage / malfunctioning.3. Not notified within 24 hours on receipt of delivery to

4. No other materials / items will be exchanged for different materials/items (Scenario: Request to exchange of 1.5 Ton Blue Star A/C with 1 Ton Voltas A/C)

5. Partial Returns / Leftovers are not accepted. (Scenario: 1 Ton TMT unused out of 5 tonnes purchased are not valid for Returns)


When cancellations are accepted:

1. Ordered Products are NOT in transit / orders have NOT yet been processed by the Sellers.

2. Ordered Products are NOT customized to suit a Buyer. (Example: Custom mixed paints cannot be cancelled)

3. A shipment, once arrived at a Buyer’s doorstep, cannot be cancelled for any reason other than mentioned in the return policy above.

4. Ordered Products are NOT imported by the Sellers based on the Buyer’s order.

Partial Cancellations / Modifications

In case a Buyer wants to partially cancel some Products from the order placed, the same needs to be notified to the customer care of buildingekart immediately and a new order has to be generated for the modified quantities. For example, if the Buyer placed order for 100 bags of cement but wants to modify it to only 50 bags). This may be done either online on the Website or by contacting customer care.

NOTE: All such modification / partial cancellations must be initiated before the Products ordered / order is processed.

Once a Buyer cancels the order (subject to and satisfying the above mentioned conditions) online on the Website/through customer care, the entire amount paid will be refunded to the Buyer with no cancellation charges being applicable.

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